Four Corners Alliance Group Review |Team Global Impact Review | The $18 Killer Program Review

The Four Corners Alliance Group is the $18 Killer Program that is what they call the Sleeping Giant That Woke Up after a few marketing major-leagues started promoting it on Facebook.

Here’s a quick Four Corners review:

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Remember, I am the highest-ranking Four Corners blog on the internet, and I sign up people every day. You want to be under me, since it’s a forced matrix:





(Hint: you’ll get my spillover)


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Let me level with you, right here…this program is ridiculously-crazy.

If you’re reading this now (December), Christmas came  a little early for you.

We are the fastest-growing team in 4 Corners (Team Global Impact), and we’re about to give you all the team bonuses to help you dominate this program.

Reallytho…this video explains everything, if you need an explanation:


Seriously, a one-time investment of $18 EVER!!!

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4×6 forced matrix, with real products. The products cover a variety

of topics, but mostly deal with finances and stuff.

Let’s point out a few things…this opportunity has such a low barrier

of entry that this will attract the masses. Simple as that.

Spillover-galore, with the incentive for people to get

in early to capitalize on matrix positioning.

This is legitimately an $18 opportunity, because all future up-sales

will be taken care of by money you have earned.

The 4×6 matrix is as follows:

Four Corners Alliance Group Review

This program is going to print money. Look at commissions at the fourth level. $24 bills, being printed out.

The matrix is just one of five ways you make money with this….which is still awesome. You”ll receive a half million once that fills up.

You will receive more money from the matching checks of every single person you personally enroll. That’s Supper Awesome in itself.

That’s a potential $559,824 from your personal referral.

For example, lets say your personally referred member receives commissions from their entire Level 4 of $6,144, you will also receive commissions of $6,144.

(This will happen with every to you with every personally sponsored member)

And then there are 3 other ways you make money with the company, but, truthfully, the real takeaway is this:

You pay $18 one time EVER, then get 4 people to pay $18 one time EVER.

Now if you missed the point earlier, 4 Corners is a forced matrix meaning, you wanna surround yourself with leaders who are killing it, so you benefit from the “spillover”..

Our team is Killing this program, whether you get in or not.Get in with our circle.

Get your four, and at the same time get your money.

So, let’s recap:

  • $18 one time investment to join
  • forced 4×6 forced matrix
  • near ground-breaking opportunity.

Ladies & Gentleman, this thing is going to take off in 2015. Check out Forbes recent article talking about work-from-home opportunities and baby-boomers.

Over 10,000 people are retiring every day…and many of them are searching the internet to find passive income.

Ponder upon that thought for a second. Position yourself  now to  ensure success.

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Get 4 then Get more!



Chris Blanks

Four Corners Alliance Group Review Press Release:

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