The Secrets Of Viral Content (Inc.)

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Want to make your online content take off? Look beyond the obvious for viral success.

Creating a ‘viral video’ is like setting out to produce ‘an Oscar-winning film’.

viralYou can look back at some of the most-shared videos, trying to fathom some sort of recipe for success, but if you try to replicate those vital ingredients your video will most likely feel flat and formulaic. If a movie producer tries too hard to re-create an award-winning film, putting together a big budget, an epic storyline, some top names, it can still be a flop. What movie-goers want is passion, great acting and a sense that everyone involved loved what they were doing: they want to feel something. Movies that make people feel something win awards. Videos too must speak to a brand’s followers if they are to be shared.

Content is shared because it provokes an emotional response

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by R. Alexander


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